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Fotolia TEN Collection : Energy of Life

Published on 09/10/2014 at 03:00

Fotolia introduces its fourth pair of international artists, with work from renowned French digital artist artist Christophe Huet. On 10 September the pair’s work, “Energy of Life”, will be available to download in PSD format, free of charge, for 24 hours from

This new team’s creation, “Energy of Life”, is a thought-provoking glimpse of the humans of tomorrow: worn down, stigmatised by society, with their very humanity under threat

Money, power and individualism are gradually eating away at our core values and society. Little by little, the race towards mass consumption is becoming a way of life where “we want to take and not just to be,” explains Christophe, “and that alienates us from ourselves.” How can humanity evolve in such an environment? The artists present their vision of the future of mankind as adulterated and subject to constant social pressure. “We wanted to create a metaphor about the way we exist now as a society: boxed up and pigeonholed, both physically and mentally,” says Mikel.


Boxes gradually emerge until they replace the heart, which has become artificial and manufactured. Yet hope lives on in the tree of life, which symbolises the lungs. “The tree is upside-down because that’s how babies are born,” says Christophe. “Head down, feet up, hearts above their heads.” 

The tree shows that some kind of humanity still exists, acting as a ray of light that connects heart and spirit. Neither can exist without the other; they sustain one another in the same way that people sustain each another. Our head needs our heart and vice versa – people need people, and always will.

To follow the artists’ creative process, from their first meeting to their final work, a making-of video will be available on 10 September at and on TEN’s official YouTube channel: .

On 10 September the “Energy of Life” PSD file, including all the layers, filters, settings and resources the artists used, Mikel’s photographs and Fotolia’s images, can be downloaded for free from !

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TEn by Fotolia « Surf in the city »

Published on 07/08/2014 at 10:35

TEN returns this month to present the third pair of international artists. This month, it consists of two self-taught artists: Paul Ripke, German photographer and Nik Ainley, English digital illustrator.

Resident photographer of Hambourg Paul Ripke wanted to create a work "that represents the city with a futuristic view point." Most observers recognize, indeed, the great harbor of the city of Hamburg, "HafenCity". A place where cranes and turbines, industry and ecology come together ... The others may get carried away by the mystery of the creation ... We are in the twilight of an era, the end of a time in which the night will fall down. Everything seems strangely quiet. The movement is induced everywhere; swirl waves, surfer in the air, outstanding sails in the distance ... and yet everything seems strangely frozen. The nature seems to have regained his magical aura, which inhabited the mythological stories. The world seems like submerged by the waters; no land being visible on the horizon. Men and women stripped become one with the foam of the sea, as if the spirits of the water awaken. Wakeboarder overlooks the scene, "jumping over many human body", marking the supremacy of man over the elements. A sport that, according to Paul, is "the future" ...


In the end, Paul Ripke quotes this creation as a good example of teamwork, "diversity always creates the best results." For the photographer, collaborating with other artists sounds like a no-brainer. If he engaged in TEN, it is because he "loves working with people from different countries and love mixing styles to create something unique." Nik Ainley, digital illustrator, joined his opinion. Work with other artists "is very entertaining, especially if our respective styles are very different. We really enjoyed ourselves in this international production. "

To follow the artistic journey of the two artists - from their meeting to their final work - a making-of video will be available on July 10 and on the official YouTube channel TEN:

« Surf in the city »,  will be available for free for 24 hours, in PSD format, on July 10th on !!



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Best logo designs of the month - June

Published on 07/04/2014 at 11:05

To change the top 5 logos of June will be presented with a different setting. Congratulations to the designers, the choice was not obvious.


superbe logo de chocolaterie



création de logo pour discrict



meilleur logo pour des soda


Rotkäppchen, Heng_Q 

meilleur logo pour un salon de coiffure


Léontine, KiwiDesign



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Best logo designs of the month - May

Published on 06/04/2014 at 04:00

This is the May selection of the greatest logo designs made by Wilogo designers. Congrats guys :)

We also thanks our customers for their great choices throughout this month.


superbe logo de boulangerie


Cheval love, Vargatier

création de logo d'InSitu


Le reflet des miroirs,  graphisteatoulouse

meilleur logo pour Vegan Mania


 RAFFINVINI, courantdart

meilleur logo pour Wave's


Cross24, dhimage

meilleur logo pour AdLib



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Best logo designs of the month - April

Published on 05/16/2014 at 04:00

This is the April selection of the greatest logo designs made by Wilogo designers. Congrats guys :)

Bakery Sophie, logodesign by Courantdart

Bakery logo


InSitu, made by ilz

logo best design


Vegan Mania, designed by Ars

best design logo Vegan Mania


Wave's com, by Simgraphics

great logo Wave's


ADLib', logo designed by Tigraph

bestest logo AdLib



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2.000.000 €

Published on 05/12/2014 at 09:21

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The new TEN by Fotolia available today

Published on 05/09/2014 at 04:00

This year TEN comes out every 2 months, and five times in the year, but instead of presenting ten creations from ten artists, it presents five creations from 2 artists, one graphic designer and one photographer.   

This time we present you the work from Lucia Giacani (photographer) and Mateusz Chmura (graphic designer). Be careful this creation contains disturbing materials, far from the dark but colorful first creation from this season, it's closer to an exhibition from Gunther Von Hagens.

On technical side this creation is impressive and needed only 6 pictures from Fotolia and one specially shot for this work by Lucia Giacanni. We can also notice the impressive 3d modelization of the organs by Mateusz Chmura.


You can download the the 9th of may for free the PSD file here :


 The making of  :

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5 Best logos in 2014 March

Published on 04/17/2014 at 04:07

Greeeat month at Wilogo, with plenty of awesome logos made. The designers keep up the good work with these superb logos, and hats off to customers who choose wisely these great creations.


Les nounous de Paris, logo design by Vargatier

superb logo Nounous de Paris


Lifecycles, Inai's logo

logodesign lifecycles


Bay of angels, logostar

best logo bay of angels


CakeMaker, wilogobd logo creation

great lgoo for Cake Maker


Nekogami, a Relyss design

best logo for NekoGami



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Top 5 of the best logos of February 2014

Published on 03/24/2014 at 20:00

We are a kind of late on this second Top 5, but the selection was difficult, congratulations to the graphic designers and to the customers for their creative choice, among more than 100 sold logos..

Travellers community, un logo créé par Tigraph

superbe logo de 3sixtyfive


Belgiandary, a logo by Ilz

création de logo pour PhoneLook


Технопарк of Asbeen

meilleur logo pour Alpes en Ré


Sugar & Yeast, a logo of les-imbeciles-heureux

meilleur logo pour Born to be wine


Hockey subaquatique Mulhouse, of 12107Design

meilleur logo pour Adastra



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Ten collection season 3: “Creating her own future”

Published on 03/09/2014 at 20:00

Fotolia presents the first international artist duo of TEN Season 3. The PSD of their artwork, "Creating her own future", will be downloadable for free during 24 hours on March 10, by going to

NEW YORK March 05 2014 – Two artists, two different skill sets, one creation – this is the idea behind Fotolia’s third season of TEN.  Following a successful second season (with over 300 000 downloads during the initial 24-hour period and 1 million visitors) Fotolia is adding a new spin to its creative and educational TEN project – splitting up ten internationally renown artists into five artistic pairs (one photographer and one designer). Together, they will create an original digital art piece that depicts their vision of the future. The first duo made up of photographer Eric Paré from Québec and designer Mike Campeau of Michigan, will present the fruit of their collaborative labor, “Creating her own future”. A PSD of the art piece will be available for free download during 24 hours on Monday, March 10 on

 “Creating her own future”, blends feeling, passion and technical perfection

Their joint artwork, “Creating her own future”, blends Paré’s captivating light work with Campau’s careful attention to detail. “The future-related theme instantly made me think of bringing to life an extra-ordinary character; one that is open to interpretation and that no one can identify with,” explains Paré. Their piece presents a seemingly fragile woman, sitting on the earth, emitting an incredible power. She is aware that she can shape her future, and is letting her creativity flow – represented by the light coming out of her hand. Her creativity also represents her lifeline and defense against the monotone world she is in.

Learning from the artists

For a step-by-step tutorial by both artists on how they created the art piece - from their initial meeting to the finished product, a making-of video will also be released on March 10th on, as well as on TEN’s youtube channel,

Watch the video teaser:


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